LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Icons – Collector’s Edition (76391) Delayed to September 15 in NA

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Two weekends ago, we had a nice feature on the magnificent LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Icons – Collector’s Edition (76391). If you recall, this impressive set includes LEGO reproductions of multiple key items from the “Harry Potter” universe. There’s random stuff like books, Hermione’s potions bottles, Ron’s chocolate frog, and customizable brick-built House scarf. It also includes vital equipment like Harry’s glasses and wand, Golden Snitch, and Tom Riddle’s Diary/Voldemort’s Horcrux. It’s all topped off with a better brick build of Hedwig the Owl than her standalone LEGO set (75979) from 2020.

We also told you to expect this 18+ to arrive this coming Thursday, September. Well, about that retail release date… If you live outside North America then rejoice, it is still coming as planned. If you live in Canada, the US, and Mexico, then you’re going to have to wait. The Brick Fan has it that announced a delay in the North American release of LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Icons – Collector’s Edition (76391). It will now come out instead on September 15, nearly 2 weeks after the 2nd.

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Here’s the text of LEGO’s set delay announcement:

The LEGO Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™ Icons Collectors’ Edition will now launch on September 15th in the US, Canada, and Mexico, rather than September 2nd as originally planned due to a shipping delay in the US. The set will be available for online only pre-order at beginning September 2nd. The product will be available in LEGO Retail stores on September 15th.

Shipping delays have long been a recurring snag in the arrival of new LEGO sets for retail, especially in North America. It probably is not going to change anytime soon, and collectors have always been willing to wait. So there it is; expect the Hogwarts Icons Collector’s Edition (75979) set to arrive September 2 outside NA, and September 15 within it.

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