LEGO, Adidas Team with NBA for Player-Minifigure Basketball Tees, as Seen in Adidas PH Website

LEGO is an old hand at partnering with big names and brands to adapt prominent franchises into brick-set form. That also goes the other way around. The LEGO brand also appears in non-brick products like clothes. A few months back LEGO teamed up with Adidas to produce some neat regional sets. They were brick-built Adidas Originals Superstar sneakers, one nearly life-sized (10282) and another mini-scaled (40486) as a GWP. No long after, some new Adidas shirts with a collaborative theme of LEGO and the NBA have appeared online. How cool would it be to wear a shirt with an NBA superstar rendered in minifigure?

Brick Fanatics tells us that the Philippines’ Adidas online store now showcases a selection of LEGO-themed basketball T-shirts. They have four top NBA players depicted in art as LEGO minifigures alongside expressions that totally relate to them. Which basketball stars?

James Harden, Brooklyn Nets (SCHWAAAG)

Damian Lillard, Portland Blazers (BYE BYE)

Donovan Mitchell, Utah Jazz (SPIDA)

Trae Young, Atlanta Hawks (BBRRR)

They all look pretty neat, and also call back to earlier LEGO-NBA collaborations in the early 2000s. Do you remember The Ultimate NBA Arena (3433) with the Shaq minifig?

In any case, it seems these Adidas-LEGO NBA shirts are so far only listed in the Philippine Adidas website. Each is priced at 1,500 Philippine pesos ($29.96), about the same value as a small LEGO set. LEGO and NBA fans who like the Adidas brand should come check these out.

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