LEGO, Adidas Team with NBA for Player-Minifigure Basketball Tees, as Seen in Adidas PH Website


LEGO is an old hand at partnering with big names and brands to adapt prominent franchises into brick-set form. That also goes the other way around. The LEGO brand also appears in non-brick products like clothes. A few months back LEGO teamed up with Adidas to produce some neat regional sets. They were brick-built Adidas Originals Superstar sneakers, one nearly life-sized (10282) and another mini-scaled (40486) as a GWP. No long after, some new Adidas shirts with a collaborative theme of LEGO and the NBA have appeared online. How cool would it be to wear a shirt with an NBA superstar rendered in minifigure?

Brick Fanatics tells us that the Philippines’ Adidas online store now showcases a selection of LEGO-themed basketball T-shirts. They have four top NBA players depicted in art as LEGO minifigures alongside expressions that totally relate to them. Which basketball stars?

James Harden, Brooklyn Nets (SCHWAAAG)

adidas x LEGOr Tee Shortsleeve James Harden Black GU2714 01 laydown

Damian Lillard, Portland Blazers (BYE BYE)

adidas x LEGOr Tee Damian Lillard Red HA7056 01 laydown

Donovan Mitchell, Utah Jazz (SPIDA)

adidas x LEGOr Tee Longsleeve Donovan Mitchell Green GU2716 01 laydown

Trae Young, Atlanta Hawks (BBRRR)

adidas x LEGOr Tee Longsleeve Trae Young Turquoise GU2717 01 laydown

They all look pretty neat, and also call back to earlier LEGO-NBA collaborations in the early 2000s. Do you remember The Ultimate NBA Arena (3433) with the Shaq minifig?

In any case, it seems these Adidas-LEGO NBA shirts are so far only listed in the Philippine Adidas website. Each is priced at 1,500 Philippine pesos ($29.96), about the same value as a small LEGO set. LEGO and NBA fans who like the Adidas brand should come check these out.

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