Rumors Say Viking Longship Among Planned LEGO Creator Sets for 2022


LEGO Creator has had a fruitful, set-laden year for 2021. They released sets ranging from flowers to vehicles. There are the 3-in-1 sets that got the building imagination going. And lastly, the Creator Expert sets have been blowing lots of minds this year. Who can say no to more (detailed) vehicles and structures like FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou (10284)? This September, year 2021 comes to its home stretch. That means more LEGO set release news become frequently for next year. So it is that The Brick Fan is sharing what they heard is in store for LEGO Creator in 2022.

The details they got for the planned Creator sets include the names, numbers, number pieces, and (European) pricing. And some items don’t get all that info. For the Creator sets with number of pieces listed, none appear to be Creator Expert-sized. Of the remaining three, one is an Expert possibility (a building). Another seems to herald the return of a classic LEGO-original kiddie theme: Vikings. Of the rest, at least one seems fit to be a Creator 3-in-1. In fact, let’s not keep you readers waiting. Here are the supposed upcoming 2022 LEGO Creator sets:

  • Off-Road Buggy (31123) – 160 pieces, €14.99/$17.71
  • Super Mech (31124) – 159 pieces, €9.99/$11.80
  • Forest Mythical Creatures (31125) – 175 pieces, €14.99/$17.71 (betting this will be a 3-in-1)
  • Supersonic Jet (31126) – 215 pieces, €19.99/$23.61
  • Speedster (31127) – 258 pieces, €19.99/$23.61
  • Dolphin and Turtle (31128) – 137 pieces, €9.99/$11.80
  • Majestic Tiger (31129) – 755 pieces, €49.99/$59.05
  • Submarine (31130)
  • Townhouse/Noodle Shop (31131)
  • Viking Longship and Sea Serpent (31132) (return of LEGO Vikings, perhaps?)

So we have several vehicles, animals and a building up there. Pretty good rumors, if you ask me. And it would be great if they get confirmed by LEGO eventually. But until they are, keep your grain of salt handy.

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