“LEGO Star Wars Battles” Re-Release Date on Apple Arcade Set for September 24

LEGO Star Wars Battles

“If at first it doesn’t succeed, try again.” That must have been on the minds of Warner Bros. Games regarding “LEGO Star Wars Battles.” Released in beta on iOS last year, this mobile game app languished in extended beta before shutting down in July. Then WB Games and TT Games Brighton revealed its revival as a component of Apple Arcade. A renewed promotional blitz again showcased its tower-defense/RTS gameplay in a “LEGO Star Wars” skin. What the dev-publishers withheld from interested Apple Arcade subscribers was when “LEGO Star Wars Battles” will re-launch. We know now.

The Brick Fan has the scoop on a recent announcement from TT Games Brighton and WB Games. “LEGO Star Wars Battles” will come online as an Apple Arcade exclusive this coming Friday, September 24. The Apple Arcade service can be availed of on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. With a $4.99 monthly fee it’s still a notable expense, though interested gamers can try a one-month free trial. If somebody’s an Apple One subscriber regardless of tier plans, they automatically have Apple Arcade. One wonders if its new platform will get “LEGO Star Wars Battles” the needed player exposure. Its original iOS beta didn’t become a full release after all.

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“LEGO Star Wars Battles” sees players field armies of the Light and Dark factions in 1-on-1 multiplayer RTS action. Familiar characters and fantastic combat vehicles in minifigure and brick-built form battle across varied battlefields. The objective is to destroy enemy defense towers, build one’s own, and advance forces to capturing the enemy base. Basically RTS veterans would feel right at home. Again, the game goes live for the second exclusively on Apple Arcade September 24. We’ll see if the app has better luck this time.

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