Shop@Home US Suddenly Disables Pre-Ordering for “Pre-Order Available” Sets Without Word


Over the past several weeks LEGO has been tweaking some things online with their website, particularly Shop@Home. We all recall the “color select” option provided for selected sets that was pilot-tested in the UK and Ireland. Perhaps they have other settings on the site to adjust or something. That might explain this curious phenomenon caught by Brick Fanatics. Said phenomenon affects certain LEGO sets already available for online purchase or at least pre-order at Shop@Home. Any pre-order links on their listings no longer work.

10290 1

There are several LEGO sets prominently affected by this seeming Shop@Home problem. Creator Expert Pickup Truck (10290) and Batman Batmobile Tumbler (76240) were at least available on pre-order already. Now the yellow pre-order tag no longer leads to any pre-ordering page for these sets. The same goes for the DC Classic TV Series Batman Cowl (76238). What could be going on with Shop@Home at this time? LEGO has made no announcement or given explanation for the sudden inability to pre-order sets that already allowed it.


So far, only LEGO Shop@Home US manifests any problem with pre-orders on sets that were already allowing it. Could it be a coding bug? Was LEGO in the middle of implementing some other interface feature? It really is peculiar and hopefully it gets resolved soon.

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