Three More Product Ideas Hit 10-K Support for LEGO Ideas Third 2021 Review Stage

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It’s beginning to feel like getting 10,000 supporters for one’s LEGO Ideas product idea is really quick now. Just look at the sheer number of 10-K builds from the First 2021 Review Stage (57!). One can see where that impression comes from. But LEGO Ideas plays hosts to a lot of product ideas just waiting to achieve the magic number. Every product idea that gains the necessary support does so because plenty of people want them. So over the weekend, the Third 2021 Review Stage grew to five after three more sets hit 10-K support.

Coral Reef

great coral reef

Set number 3 on the LEGO Ideas Third 2021 Review Stage is kris-kelvin’s “Great Coral Reef.” We might cite similarities to Ralf Ranghaal’s Land Ahoy submission, being a set built on a base. But this product idea features one of the most intricate environmental depictions yet done in LEGO. Even better, rather than plants the “vegetation” is coral. Great Coral Reef undoubtedly pays homage to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, a Natural World Wonder. Other than the reef, this set will net plentiful vegetation/coral pieces for decorative-oriented LEGO builders. Its short support-gathering phase (presented only last June) also speaks to its popularity with LEGO Ideas voters.

great coral reef 2

The Last Airbender

avatar returns

The other two new additions, both from licensed IPs, were submitted by their builders last year. Set 2 evokes one of the most iconic 21st-Century animated series, “Avatar: The Last Airbender.” “The Avatar Returns” by ky-e depicts the Nickelodeon show’s pilot arc. Remember how Katara and Sokka rescued Avatar Aang from Prince Zuko and General Iroh’s Fire Nation ship? This could be an Avatar-fan’s chance to replay that scene. Furthermore, ky-e wants to see this build become the next LEGO Ideas set to launch a full line. Surely Nickelodeon’s “Avatar” in its two series can have as big a LEGO fandom as “Minecraft” does.

avatar returns 2

avatar returns 3

Zelda and Link

hyrule castle 30

Finally, 10-K Club member BrickGallery channels Nintendo’s “Legend of Zelda” with his product idea. “Hyrule Castle 30th Anniversary” celebrates the aforementioned landmark from the “Zelda” games. While Nintendo released the first installment on NES in 1986, Hyrule Castle only debuted in “A Link to the Past” for SNES in 1991 (JPN) and 1992 (US/EU). This iteration of Hyrule Castle however hails from “Breath of the Wild,” released 2017 for the Nintendo Switch. Princess Zelda and Link must battle through the castle to confront Calamity Ganon before he destroys the world.

hyrule castle 30 2

In closing

There three submissions join Land Ahoy and Terrariums to make five 10-K sets for the Third 2021 Review Stage. It’s certainly shaping up to be a great selection for the LEGO Ideas crew when the stage ends January next year.

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