LEGOLAND New York Promoted by 95-K-Plus Brick-Built Yellow Cab-Dragon on Streets of NYC

Legoland opens July 9 2021

The LEGOLAND theme parks have weathered the global epidemic that started in 2020 with some poise and dignity. They closed when mandated and resumed operating whenever circumstances and regulations allowed. For LEGOLAND New York, originally set to open in June last year, the pandemic dealt a heavier blow. Not until this May until July that the theme park in Goshen, NY could finally welcome its LEGO-loving guests. And they’re certainly making up for lost time. LEGOLAND New York has been busy promoting itself over the past few weeks. Their latest impromptu attraction is a life-sized fusion of a New York symbol with a LEGOLAND icon.

As detailed in the LEGO Group’s official Twitter page, professional builders have assembled a 1:1 scale brick-built photo-op spot. For the most part it looks like a LEGO New York City yellow cab. Then you notice the LEGOLAND Dragon head on the hood and tail on the trunk. The whole thing was built out of 95,410 LEGO bricks. A professional building team took 370 hours to assemble it. It was recently unveiled on the streets of NYC as an ad for the theme park. By now it’s back in LEGOLAND New York as a new park attraction piece.

It’s easy enough to pose for photos or videos in this LEGOLAND NY Yellow Cab/Dragon brick sculpture. The right side of the “vehicle” is actually wide open, allowing easy access for tourists to sit and pose. This is sure to become a prime photo-op spot at the theme park, which most recently opened its Hotel last August 6. If conditions are cool then a day trip to LEGOLAND New York can cost a minimum $67.99 via online booking. It’s better than the $89.99 price if buying a ticket on the day itself.

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