August-Released LEGO Marvel Sakaarian Iron Man (76194) Possibly Based on Unfinished “What If…?” Episode Now In Season 2

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Back in August and September several LEGO Marvel products came out, based on the Disney+ streaming series “What If…?” The premise of this animated anthology centered on various alternate timelines created by divergent events from the canon MCU. This was reflected in the Minifigures Series (71031) plus the Captain Carter and HYDRA Stomper (76201). One set however stands out; more so now that “What If…?” has only one episode left. Tony Stark’s Sakaarian Iron Man (76194) doesn’t seem to fit with any of the alternate storylines featured. When in the series does it fit, then?

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Again, Brick Fanatics has the possible answer: the Sakaarian Iron Man belongs to a “What If…?” episode that was moved to season 2. They cite an August interview with the series executive producer Brad Winderbaum on Collider. Winderbaum notes that the series would comprise of 10 episodes for its inaugural season. The pandemic however affected production so much that one episode got pushed back. “What If…?” premiered August 11 so this info didn’t seem too important. But now that episodes 8 and 9 turn out to be a connected story, it suddenly became relevant again.

Episode 8 “What If…Ultron Won?” ended in a cliffhanger this past September 29. It suddenly didn’t seem feasible that the series finale could feature a storyline on Sakaar with Tony Stark. Therefore, the Sakaarian Iron Man (76194) likely features in the episode that’s now in “What If…?” season 2. Tony Stark and Valkyrie’s minifigures being accompanied by series narrator the Watcher here did seem strange. We feel how unfortunate that is. The Hulkbuster-sized Iron Man armor that transforms into a racecar would have been cool to watch on streaming. “What If…?” concludes season 1 on Disney+ this coming October 6. No date’s confirmed yet for the premiere of season 2.

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