First Image of LEGO Titanic Set (10294) Leaked Ahead of Supposed November Release

lego 10294 titanic 20210929

You’d be surprised at the number of MOCs by dedicated LEGO builders featuring vehicle disaster scenes. You get no points in guessing that these particular builders love replicating the doomed passenger liner the Titanic. Some Titanic MOCs from years back are absolutely humongous. Then earlier this year a rumor arose of LEGO planning to release a Creator Expert Titanic set. The news sparked collector interest particularly due to its size, at 9,090 pieces. It makes this LEGO Titanic (10294) the second-largest LEGO set ever put out. While LEGO has kept mum on this set’s existence, now some images have been leaked to technically confirm it.

German LEGO news source notes that local retailer, may have released the earliest image of the RMS Titanic (10294) set. We now have an idea for the box art, showing the ocean liner in its red-black-white-gold livery. The foreshortened angle of the image nicely sells the size, even if the “largest set” rumors already got “debunked.” LEGO even put a scale measurement of the ship in the box’s upper-right corner. Converting a 269.1-meter ship into a 1.23-meter brick-built scale model gets its LEGO designers much praise from us.

Other info

Promobricks also gleaned some further details about the LEGO Titanic (10294). While already understood to be too small-scale for minifigures and microfigures, the set could be disassembled into segments. That allows for a display of the interior layout, which also depicts floor furnishings and facilities in some detail. Furthermore, this is not a licensed-IP set. It carries no marks from Titanic’s former company, White Star Line. The line merged with their rival Cunard Line in 1934, with Cunard itself now part of Carnival Corporation. Surely Cunard itself might have contacted LEGO about the set. Anyway, LEGO Titanic (10294) might be released next month, November 1 (October 20 for LEGO VIPs). That bit of info remains rumor until LEGO confirms it.

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