LEGO Creator Expert Santa’s Visit (10293) Revealed in LEGO Taiwan, Singapore Websites

LEGO Creator Expert Santa's Visit

A number of new LEGO sets are sure to be around just in time for Holidays each year. The seasonal ones are expected. And then there’s the set or two for LEGO’s Christmas Village. These ones LEGO hopes you’ll add to your expanding collection of snow-capped homes and buildings waiting for Santa. We’ve already got one revealed this week, listed on two Asian editions of LEGO Shop@Home so far in the form of the LEGO Creator Expert Santa’s Visit. LEGO in Taiwan and Singapore seem to be keeping this under wraps for the moment, however.

LEGO Creator Expert Santa's Visit

This LEGO Christmas Village Collection set is called the Creator Expert Santa’s Visit (10293). The details pretty much write themselves. It’s a two-story house with white snow-capped roof blocks, festive wintry décor, a three-minifigure family, and Santa himself. But just because it’s an overdone motif doesn’t mean it can’t still surprise. The set has 1,445 pieces and was given n 18+ rating after all. As you’ll soon see, there are enough gimmicks built into Santa’s Visit (10293) to justify a purchase.

10293 alt1210293 alt4

For LEGO house sets, it should be easy to remove the roof to play with minifigs and interior furnishings. This one makes a roof panel articulated so that it swings out. The chimney at one end is scaled properly so that minifigure Santa can literally drop in. And the outdoor Christmas tree lights up.

10293 alt13

Santa’s Visit (10293) will certainly bring a breath of fresh air to any LEGO Christmas Village setting it’s added to. And since two Asian LEGO sites already have it (hidden), it’s probably not long before it appears elsewhere. For now, just enjoy the wonderful images provided.

10293 alt6

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