“LEGO Monkie Kid” Animated Series Finally Reaches Western Audiences Via Amazon Kids+

LEGO Monkie Kid Animated Series

LEGO has scored massive success tapping into East Asian culture and mythology for their original product lines. We’ve seen that golden touch in LEGO Ninjago, with set theme and animated adaptation still strong after a decade. But LEGO is always looking for something new. And by tapping into Chinese myths this time, they created a new theme: LEGO Monkie Kid. Following its introduction last year, LEGO tapped Australia’s Flying Bark Productions (“Rise of the TMNT”) for the animation. Going with 2D and an anime style, the “LEGO Monkie Kid” series was a hit…in Australia and Asian countries. But it’s going international soon thanks to streaming.

The Brick Fan has it that Amazon has picked up “LEGO Monkie Kid” for streaming on their Amazon Kids+ service. As of Wednesday, September 9, the series can now be streamed wherever Amazon Kids+ is available. That means western audiences waiting for the animation since its reveal last year can now binge it. Already “LEGO Monkey Kid” has two seasons and two 43-minute specials, with a third in production. Asian audiences have been very positive of the show, given the familiar source (subjected to LEGO-ization).

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The Plot

“LEGO Monkie Kid” is based on the Chinese novel “Journey to the West.” Centuries after the Monkey King imprisoned Bull Demon King with a magical seal, he is freed by his family. Their plans to conquer Megapolis are foiled however. That’s thanks to Monkie Kid, a delivery boy, finding the Monkey King’s magic staff. Aided by his friends, Monkie Kid protects his hometown as the Monkey King’s successor.

While season 1 of “LEGO Monkie Kid” is up on Amazon Kids+ now, season 2 will be along on October 28. There are also plans to make it available on Prime Video. This is good news, sobered by the possibility that LEGO might retire the entire theme when 2021 ends.

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