LEGO Shares Fave Submissions to Ideas Activity “The Love of Gaming” on National Video Games Day


As August was coming to an end, the LEGO Ideas page proposed a new Activity. The theme was “The Love of Gaming,” in anticipation for National Video Games Day this past Sunday, September 12. Ideas members were challenged to build play-sets or objects pertaining to gaming and how much people love it. The Ideas Activity period already elapsed last week on September 7. By that time, 24 submissions came in. And on National Video Games Day itself, LEGO shared its top picks from the entries. We’re sure many gamers will agree that the showcased builds encapsulate the love of gaming.

LEGO’s official Twitter page featured four of the 24 entries from the LEGO Ideas activity “The Love of Gaming.” Viewers will definitely resonate with them, representing the evolution of videogames as they do. Brickmaster84 and MichaelStein000000000’s retro arcade machines evoke the early decades. Brick Broadcasting’s gamer nerd (with Player 1 shirt) kind of represents the advent of home consoles. Finally, Monkey Scout No. 2’s build pays homage to gaming of today. Who can refuse the inviting ergonomic design of a Gaming Chair? For a tweet pertaining to National Video Games Day, LEGO was spot on.

And they’re not the only ones. Head on back to the concluded Ideas Activity page “The Love of Gaming.” There are more builds there that will tickle the heart of any gamer. LAN parties, a bleeding-edge gaming mouse, home gaming setups, and even a working brick-built “Pong” game are here. It’s a good way to bask in the aftermath of National Video Games Day, if you happen to observe it.

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