LEGO Teases a New LEGO Super Mario Set

New LEGO Super Mario Set

LEGO Super Mario has got to be one of the most successful “new” licensed IPs to get LEGO representation. While fans have been building Mario-themed stuff for years, it wasn’t until 2020 that LEGO and Nintendo made things official. Since then, the new sets have just kept coming. With a battery-powered buildable LEGO Super Mario character as a centerpiece, the new line has captured fans from multiple generations. And the blitz is not quite over. Back in July, there was talk of a Princess Peach Castle set becoming a direct-to-consumer release later this year. A new teaser has rekindled the speculations, setting the stage for the imminent arrival of what could be a new LEGO Super Mario set.

Well okay – the 22-second teaser on LEGO’s official Twitter page mentions no castles. It’s really just a dramatic camera pan on a shadowed brick-built Super Mario question mark cube. The ending with the text “We’ve got a ‘?’ for you” does make the mind-gears spin.

Is LEGO going to reveal that Princess Peach Castle (71395) now? Is the 3D presentation of the question mark cube cluing that the next set homages one of Nintendo’s later-gen/3D “Mario” titles? Or is the upcoming set…just that featured brick-built cube? It would be an epic anticlimax if that’s the case.

German LEGO news site Promobricks does have a theory that sort of combines some of the above possibilities. They posit that the set does depict Princess Peach’s castle, but as part of a larger environment: the Mushroom Kingdom. Next, the design of this Mushroom Kingdom takes after Super Mario 64, the hit 1996 Nintendo 64  Mario game. Promobricks even has a possible price tag of $169.99 for whatever LEGO’s been teasing. And since many upcoming LEGO releases are scheduled for October 1, this too is the proposed date. Will this LEGO Super Mario prediction pan out? We’ll see next time.

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