LEGO Tie-Ins for 2022’s “The Batman” Film Revealed

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You’ve got to hand it to Robert Pattinson. From a one-shot “Harry Potter” bit character to a then-trendy vegetarian vampire, now he gets to play Dark Knight. The “Twilight” star is set to headline the latest reboot of the Batman films in 2022. Initial movie trailers showcase a stylishly dark take on the DC hero, also depicting him as a rookie crime-fighter. Of course, DC Films and Warner Bros. Pictures want no spoilers coming out regarding “The Batman.” Then again, thanks to merchandising tie-in deals, we can get some ideas. After all, LEGO just revealed their official “The Batman” sets.

Now up on LEGO Shop@Home, four LEGO The Batman sets await their November 1 release date. Of course, collectors are free to pre-order them now. Interestingly, two Batmobile sets headline this batch, similar to the two Tumblers from LEGO DC Batman (76239, 76240). LEGO and Batman fans will want these new Batmobiles. Their stock car look stands in contrast to the concept supercars of past Batman films. One set is a nice 8+ with weapon load-outs; the other is a sweet Technic product. But why read us waxing lyrical, when you can see them now?

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Technic – The Batman Batmobile (42127)

10+| 1,360 pieces | $99.99 | Coming November 1, pre-order available

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  • Build the BATMOBILE™ – Recreate all the details of the iconic super-hero car with this awesome LEGO® Technic™ THE BATMAN – BATMOBILE 42127 toy set for kids and adults
  • As seen in THE BATMAN movie – This authentic model is a true-to-life LEGO® Technic™ replica version of the BATMOBILE™ as seen in the 2022 movie
  • See the car light up – Includes 2 light bricks to bring the BATMOBILE™ to life. The red light adds a glow to the transparent engine, while the yellow brick lights up the front grille
  • Packed with functions – Cool features include front steering, differential on rear wheels, moving pistons, spinning flame, plus opening doors and hood
  • Made for display – Enjoy exploring all the functions packed into this hot toy then place on display to admire its authentic looks

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Batman & Selina Kyle – Motorcycle Pursuit (76179)

6+ | 149 pieces | $14.99 | Coming November 1, pre-order available

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  • Fast-moving action – The impressive, dual-motorcycle LEGO® DC Batman™: Batman & Selina Kyle™ Motorcycle Pursuit (76179) set puts the excitement of The Batman movie into kids’ hands
  • 2 minifigures – Includes Batman™, with a fabric cape, and Selina Kyle™ minifigures, a Batarang™, grappling gun, chain, gem element and a glow-in-the-dark Batsignal™
  • Hands-on fun – Kids take their imaginations on a thrilling motorcycle ride with Batman™ and Selina Kyle™, enjoying endless super-hero adventures as they go

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Batmobile – The Penguin Chase (76181)

8+ | 392 pieces | $29.99 | Coming November 1, pre-order available

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  • Missile-firing Batmobile™ – LEGO® DC Batman™ Batmobile: The Penguin™ Chase (76181) puts supercharged, super-hero action from The Batman movie into kids’ hands
  • 2 cool minifigures – As well as a buildable Batmobile™, the playset includes a Batman™ minifigure with a fabric cape and The Penguin™ minifigure with a shooter and hand-held rocket launcher
  • Super-hero action – Young crime-fighters can take on an iconic Super-Villain and play out endless imaginative adventures with this awesome, armed crime-fighting machine
  • Awesome weapons – The battle-ready Batmobile™ features 2 spring-loaded shooters that launch mega missiles when kids press plates on the hood
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Batcave – The Riddler Face-Off (76183)

8+ | 581 pieces | $79.99 | Coming November 1, pre-order available

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  • Amazing Batman™ HQ – Any Batman fan will be captivated by the feature-packed LEGO® DC Batman Batcave™: The Riddler™ Face-off (76183)
  • 6 minifigures – As well as a host of features and accessories, this versatile playset includes Batman™, Selina Kyle™, The Riddler™, The Drifter, Alfred and Commissioner Gordon minifigures
  • Authentic accessories – An extensive assortment of accessories, including computers, tools, welding gear and a city map, inspire endless imaginative role play


LEGO sure rolled out some nice tie-ins for “The Batman.” Now WB Pictures must step up and give us a new trailer.

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