New LEGO Star Wars Rumor for 2022: “The Mandalorian” Dark Trooper Battle Pack with Luke Skywalker

dark trooper

More LEGO rumors to check out, this time for the Star Wars line: yet another Battle Pack for 2022. That’s the gist of another Instagram post noticed by The Brick Fan this week. Last month we discussed LEGO Star Wars rumors about sets centered on the Battle of Hoth (“Empire Strikes Back”). Aside from new AT-AT (75313?) and AT-ST (75322?) sets, that batch of unconfirmed info included a minifig Battle Pack (75320?). This new rumor from Falcon Fan 1414 (1414falconfan) brings the focus to “The Mandalorian” on Disney+ instead. You probably have an idea what the pack will likely depict.

Stated above by 1414falconfan, the LEGO Star Wars Battle Pack homages “The Mandalorian” season 2. This alleged Dark Trooper Battle Pack will contain three Imperial Remnant Dark Trooper minifigures. And yes, it also includes Luke Skywalker. You may replay that scene from the season 2 finale now. 1414falconfan claims the Battle Pack set number is 75324(?) and will cost $29.99 on retail. Numbering-wise it jives with the numbers from the Hoth sets from September. But you know how it goes: this tidbit is a rumor so keep a salt shaker in arm’s reach. The year 2022 is still fan enough.

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