LEGO Pulls City Stuntz Motorcyle Sets Due to “Product Quality Issues”

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LEGO minifigures don’t lack for any vehicles to ride in. From cars to boats to aircraft and more, they can go anywhere in style. But two-wheeled transportation comes across as less common compared to the rest. Thankfully LEGO took that into consideration with the new and upcoming sets they have lined up. Sure, we still have to wait for that “The Batman” set with the Batmobile and Selina/Catwoman on a motorcycle (76179). But LEGO City got the two-wheeled vehicle builds covered with their Stuntz sets, released this October. Unfortunately the Stuntz motorcycle sets have been pulled out of American markets.

According to Brick Fanatics, LEGO has pulled out all motorcycle-related LEGO City Stuntz sets from American stores. Even Shop@Home in the US lists them as temporarily out of stock. LEGO then gave a statement explaining the pullout, citing complaints about parts breakdown in sets purchased in the Americas. The affected low-priced Stuntz bike sets have “product quality issues” stemming from parts manufactured in a particular factory. The problem thus far only affects LEGO City Stuntz bike sets released in the Americas. LEGO gave no date as to when to expect these sets back on shelves.

The Stuntz LEGO City motorcycle sets feature a flywheel element assembly that allows the bikes to go long distances after a good push. Depending on the brick-built bike’s position they might do wheelies or zip fast enough to jump gaps. These are the affected sets:

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