LEGO Disney Rumor: Three “Encanto” Tie-In Sets in December

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Back in 2017, Disney and Pixar showed their deft hand at handling Latin-American culture in their stories with “Coco.” Now, Disney is flying solo with another Latino-inspired story in “Encanto.” From the Mexican setting of “Coco,” we shift to Colombia. And instead of an afterlife journey themed on Dia de Muertos, here we get the adventures of a super-powered family. Well, super-powered except for one “normal human” member, Mirabel. “Encanto” is set to premiere next month on November 24. Disney of course has plenty of merchandise lined up. And if this new rumor is true, that merch includes LEGO sets.

This just in from Germany’s three LEGO sets based on “Encanto” coming in December. We fully expect them to be grouped under the LEGO Disney line. What we didn’t expect is the sets being with the Disney Princess sub-theme. Of course, that’s just according to the rumor dug up by Promobricks. The sets are:

  • Antonio’s Magic Door (43200) – age 5+ | 99 pieces | 2 figures | €19.99/$23.28
  • Isabela’s Magic Door (43201) – age 5+ | 114 pieces | 3 figures | €19.99/$23.28
  • Madrigal House (43202) – age 6+ | 587 pieces | 3 figures | €49.99/$58.22

Those are direct conversions.

All rumored LEGO Disney “Encanto” sets appear to be early-age level. Making them Disney Princess sets also means larger character figures. We’re supposed to expect these tie-ins to release on December 1. But keep in mind that they remain rumors until LEGO confirms or denies.

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