LEGO Ideas: Motorized Johnny 5 from “Short Circuit” Gains 10-K Support

rj brickbuilds motorized johnny 5

From a newly-revealed official LEGO Ideas set releasing soon, we move to a product idea still craving review. Sure, it did gain necessary support recently, but it still needs to get past the Third 2021 Review Stage. And of the nine 10-K product ideas that came before it, only one other shares its motorized characteristic. But first, some background on this submission. Its source material is a sci-fi comedy film duology (1986-88) from Tri-Star Pictures. This product idea depicts the protagonist: a prototype military-use robot that gains full sentience via lightning strike. Say hello to Johnny 5 from “Short Circuit.”

rj brickbuilds motorized johnny 5 2

This spectacular build is the brainchild of Ideas member RJ Brickbuilds. He got the idea from 1988’s “Short Circuit 2.” There, one of Johnny 5’s creators began selling handmade miniature versions of J5 as toys. At the time of the movie’s release, J5 was still memorable enough that audiences would have been interested in merchandise. Granted, getting a LEGO Ideas set based on a now-obscure 1980s franchise will be a steep sell. But perhaps the articulation and mobility of this brick-built Johnny 5 robot, courtesy of Powered Up motors/app, can change minds. Seriously, check out this video, available on the Johnny 5 product idea page.

RJ Brickbuild’s J5 robot from “Short Circuit” could give ChrisOrchard’s Model Solar System a run for its money. Heck, every other submission to the LEGO Ideas Third 2021 Review Stage better put their best foot forward. It’ll take something grander with future submissions to steal Johnny 5’s hype sometime soon.

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