Walmart Lists LEGO Marvel Mech Armor 3-in-1 Pack (66671)

walmart lego marvel mecharmor 3in1

The best parts about Marvel, whether from the comic books or the MCU, are the characters themselves. Translate that to LEGO and you get…minifigures. But since LEGO is about building stuff that means we’ve been getting cool vehicles and location sets too. Then LEGO hit on a combination of character and building, resulting in the Marvel Mech Armor sets released since 2019. If you missed out on these and want to get a head start in collecting, Walmart’s got it covered. According to Brick Fanatics they have a nice multi-set package of LEGO Marvel Mech Armor for any late-start collectors.

Here is Walmart’s online listing for the LEGO Marvel Mech Armor Collection 3-in-1 Pack (66671). This pack combines the Mech Armor sets for Captain America (76168), Thor (76169) and Miles Morales Spider-Man (76171). At just over 100 pieces per solo set, the 3-in-1 comes down to 385 pieces total. That makes the bundle price of $39.99 just right. Young LEGO builders also get three Marvel superheroes at once, making it a deal that can’t be beat. We at The Brick Show don’t know if this LEGO Marvel Mech Armor Collection (66671) will become available outside Walmart. But until then now you can find it there.

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