LEGO Rumor: Creator Expert Set of Real Madrid’s Stadium for 2022?

Are we going to get a new major-league football/soccer stadium LEGO set released year by year now? At the start of 2020 LEGO brought us a Creator Expert build of Manchester United’s home stadium, the Old Trafford (10272). This year they did it again. Surely you can still recall the sweet Creator Expert rendition of FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou (10284). Once might be a stroke of fortune and twice, a coincidence. But LEGO pulling a hat trick would totally be deliberate. At least that’s how it looks considering a new “stadium set” rumor brought to us by in Germany.

Here’s the buzz: another LEGO Creator Expert set of a football stadium. The surprise part: it’s the home of another heavyweight Spanish team. After FC Barcelona we’re apparently getting the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu of Real Madrid. Check out these details:

  • Set #: 10299
  • Age: 18+
  • Release: 2022
  • RRP: €329.99/$383.14 (direct conversion)

No number of parts given yet. Actually this does bring up a question. The Estadio Santiago Bernabeu is under renovation (since 2019, with operations unhindered due to modernized Roman building techniques). Will LEGO depict the stadium as it did before the start of changes? Or will they flash forward to the finished product, due next year (possibly earlier due to COVID closure)? Promobricks also included rumors of a GWP (40541?), just like with Camp Nou (10284).

You know the disclaimer. The above info is just rumor at present. Maintain your salt diet until LEGO gives word.

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