LEGO/Adidas/NBA Shirts, Pants, Shoes Etc. Launching Today

While not exactly a massive newsmaker, the collaborative efforts between LEGO and Adidas have given fans some interesting stuff. LEGO rolled out limited-edition brick sets of signature Adidas shoes. In turn, Adidas had produced merchandise with LEGO imagery, sometimes mixed with the NBA too. Samples of these Adidas shirts with minifigure NBA superstars first appeared in the Philippine Adidas online store, last September. At the time it felt like the LEGO-Adidas wear might only see regional releases. That assumption’s no longer the case. Adidas online stores worldwide now carry these items, and added more gear.

adidas x LEGOr Pullover Donovan Mitchell Yellow GR9816 01 laydown

The Brick Fan reports that the LEGO-Adidas collection went live for Adidas worldwide early this week. Where before the only merchandise the PH Adidas store carried were t-shirts, this wave includes hoodies, sweatpants and shoes. The shirts and hoodies continue to feature NBA stars Donovan Mitchell, Damian Lillard, James Harden and Trae Young (as minifigures). In the latter case, we get cool close-ups of the minifig heads beaming some nice smiles. Then we have the Adidas Dame Extply Sulley Shoes, as seen in the top image and this shoebox. All these Adidas goodies are available in children and adult sizes, so there’s no buyer missed.

adidas Dame ExtPly 7 x LEGOr Shoes White S42806 012 hover standard

As of this posting the LEGO-Adidas clothing collection should finally be available. Pick your choice of NBA minifigure player on your shirt or hoodie. Slip on your choice of shorts or sweatpants. Finally, lace up your Adidas shoes. Their prices range from $25 to $95.

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