Amazon UK Lists New LEGO Art Project: Build Together (21226) For Building Tile-Art with Friends

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LEGO’s more than just building impressive structures and vehicles/machinery with wonderful moving parts. They lend themselves pretty well to artistic expression too. Look nowhere else for a finer example than the LEGO Art theme. A multitude of multi-colored tiles to stick on a wall-mounted base-frame can result in surprising masterpieces. True, the LEGO Art sets already released have default images to replicate, from Hogwarts logos to celebrities to world maps. But a solo LEGO builder-artist can build these sets alone. Does Art set made for building with friends interest you? Well, LEGO has that covered now.

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As covered by, a new LEGO Art set appeared on Amazon UK‘s listings. Say hello to LEGO Art Project: Create Together (21226). At 4,138 pieces this set offers builder-artists the opportunity to create LEGO-tile mosaic art with 36 available patterns. These patterns can be replicated in one of nine baseplates that can combine into larger frames.

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Share the baseplates with friends so you can each create artworks. Next, make your own art combinations with baseplates arranged 2×2, 3×2, 4×2 or 3×3. This maximum 3×3 frame can then house a 37th large round-tile mosaic pattern of the classic LEGO spaceman.

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For its versatility, the LEGO Art Project: Create Together (21226) costs about the same as most LEGO Art releases. Amazon UK lists it as £114.99, which might be converted to $117-119 judging from its sister sets. Interestingly, the release date (October 1) indicates that set 21226 is already available in However the platform says “temporarily out of stock.” believes that LEGO itself might release this November 1 instead.

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