LEGO Has New Trailer for April-Premiered “Ninjago” Season 14 “Seabound” (With Set Scenes)

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Ninjago stands as an example of a LEGO theme that surpassed its company-predicted shelf life. Well into its first decade, new Ninjago sets continue to come out. As a consequence, its animated adaptation ballooned to double-digit seasons airing on Denmark’s Nickelodeon, Canada’s YTV/Teletoon, and Cartoon Network (US). This year alone saw two “Ninjago” seasons, “The Island” (4-ep) and “Seabound” (16-ep). The latter premiered in Canada back in April, with its tie-in sets debuting later in August. For other territories that have yet to see its premiere, LEGO put up a trailer for “Ninjago: Seabound” Sunday.

Some viewers in North America may already know what goes on in season 14 of “Ninjago.” Thankfully, we can give you a teaser summary if you’re not bothered by spoilers.

“LEGO Ninjago: Seabound” Quick Catch-Up:

Nya, Ninjago Elemental Master of Water, suddenly loses control of her powers, affecting her confidence. While her mom Maya helps her train to regain her form, the Ninjago team discovers an external factor responsible. An energy surge from the deepest point of the Endless Sea may be interfering with Nya’s abilities. In search of answers, our heroes set out on their submarine, Hydro Bounty (71756).

The source of the energy signal: the Temple of the Endless Sea (71755). Here, the merman Prince Kalmaar of Merlopia is finalizing his sinister plans to attack the surface world. If he can gather the two amulets needed, he can awaken a sea serpent to wreck Ninjago City. Nya will need to shape up to face this challenge head on.

Yes, the Ninjago sets mentioned above saw their animated counterparts featured prominently in the trailer, as pointed out by Brick Fanatics. LEGO sure knows how to promote their products. Ninjago fans buying the new “Seabound” sets only prove their methods work. One wonders how the Unity engine microgame contest on LEGO Ideas fits into this.

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