LEGO VIP Double Points from October 11 to 17

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Last week, we got wind of a possible LEGO VIP event running from October 11 to 17. Said event is one that many VIP members look forward to: Double points. Due to LEGO no longer promoting them on store calendars, 2x VIP Point periods can just come from nowhere. The above week-long event got attention due to LEGO Stores in the UK making preparations. At the time it didn’t seem certain that Double VIP Points would be awarded anywhere else. Well thanks to pointing it out, we know it’s happening elsewhere at LEGO Shop@Home.

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So there: become a LEGO VIP and double your points up until this coming Sunday. Not just in the UK but major LEGO Shop@Home markets (North America, Western Europe) are in on the event. Various LEGO news sources we consulted have ideas on how to spend your 2x VIP point earnings this week. According to them you have the choice between new set releases from October 1, or products marked for retirement. It only runs for a week, after all. We see no need to be stingy with the double points you gain. Enjoy your shopping online at LEGO Shop@Home.

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