Possible Double VIP Points Event for LEGO UK from October 11 to 17

LEGO VIP blue double points featured 800 445

When we in The Brick Show would feature the LEGO VIP program, what sort of news excites you most? The early access for new upcoming sets might be a strong possibility; why wait after all? Or maybe you look forward more to promos on VIP points. That’s good, especially when LEGO decides to double VIP points for a limited period of time. In fact, our announcing double points used to happen more frequently until LEGO stopped advertising them on store calendars. Now we have to catch them on Shop@Home updates, or perhaps the occasional rumor.

The Brick Fan would have it that LEGO UK might be planning double VIP points next week. This month of October tended to be the usual period for 2x VIP promos, so the timing can be considered appropriate. This double-point period apparently runs from Monday the 11th to Sunday the 17th. Only LEGO UK looks to be gearing up for this, understandable perhaps given their cheaper VIP discount vouchers. Furthermore, compared to past 2x VIP events, the duration on this rumored period falls short. There’s a 2x graphic in the VIP page for LEGO Shop@Home US, but that doesn’t seem to be connected at all.

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