LEGO Announces New Super Mario Sets Based on “Luigi’s Mansion” for 2022

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On their first introduction, the LEGO Super Mario sets came across as being niche franchises for some LEGO collectors. Over time however, the surprise interactivity of these sets thanks to the brick-built main characters have won over fans. Hearing Mario and Luigi exclaim in their Italian-accented voices whenever players ran them over the sets was awesome fun. Initially the LEGO Super Mario sets presented generic settings based on the various Nintendo games. Lately, the trend shifted to referencing specific game titles like “Super Mario 64” with the Question-Mark Block (71395). This LEGO reveal follows suit.

The Brick Fan reports that this past weekend LEGO unveiled their new upcoming LEGO Super Mario sets. The focus now goes from “Super Mario 64” to the GameCube-originating “Luigi’s Mansion” (2001). That means it is now Luigi’s turn to shine from his bro Mario, using these three “Luigi’s Mansion” sets. Combine them with the original Mario and Luigi Starter Courses for some hilariously spooky adventure. Now get a load of what to expect down below:

  • Lab and Poltergust Expansion Set (71397)$29.99

71397 1

  • Entryway Expansion Set (71399)$39.99

71399 1

  • Haunt and Seek Expansion Set (71401)$79.99

71401 1

These LEGO Super Mario Luigi’s Mansion sets will become available next year, January 1. Look forward to poor Luigi getting his pants scared off in brick form, 2022.

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