Roundup of LEGO Sets Releasing November 1 (And Those Available for Preorder)

The first day of the month always gets most of the LEGO release dates. This November first of 2021 is no exception. LEGO certainly packed a lot of goodies to become available on this date. You want the Ideas set for one of the most famous 1990s holiday movies? It just launched. One major LEGO release for the iconic “Dark Knight” trilogy goes hand-in-hand with the first sets for “The Batman.” And one of the new largest LEGO sets ever designed…just opened up preorders. But hey, the Titanic will launch in brick form a week from now, so don’t fret.

In summation, look forward to these sweet November 1 releases:

LEGO Ideas
Batman (Dark Knight Trilogy)
The Batman

Preorder these next sets now. Shipping for this one starts November 8

Shipping for this following set on the other hand starts December 4.


Enjoy LEGO shopping this November!

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