LEGO Vidiyoland is New Dream Island on “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”

Lego Vidiyoland Animal Crossing

Way back in March last year, even as the COVID pandemic kicked off, Nintendo released a new videogame. This was “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” for the Switch, fifth entry in Nintendo’s social-simulation franchise. In time it became the second best-selling title on that hybrid console, plus 15th best-selling videogame in history. In comparison, LEGO’s new Vidiyo line, launched just this year, had a rocky road. The minifigure playset-AR music video maker theme seemed fun at first but found few steady buyers. This led LEGO to put Vidiyo on hiatus for 2022. However a curious Vidiyo promo clip with “Animal Crossing” visuals recently piqued some interest.

As it turns out according to Collider, that video heralded a surprise LEGO-Nintendo collaboration. A new dream island expansion has come out for “Animal Crossing: New Horizons.” As expected, the new area is called “VIDIYOLAND” like the promo clip teased. “ACNH” players will find some new LEGO-themed fun activities waiting for them there. And they get to do them while Vidiyo music plays in the background. VIDIYOLAND features five stages themed after some selected Vidiyo minifigure characters. Enjoy them all in the company of Punk Pirate, Alien DJ, HipHop Robot, Candy Mermaid, and Party Llama.

This looks to be shaping up as unique “damage control” on LEGO’s part for the Vidiyo theme. The line’s not going to see new product releases until 2023. In that case, exposure via videogame tie-in’s the next best thing. And since VIDIYOLAND is tied to a very busy social game like “Animal Crossing: New Horizons,” it should work. Now LEGO Vidiyo won’t just fade even with a big product hiatus. Players can visit LEGO’s Vidiyoland through the dream address DA-4202-8210-6712.

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