Reddit User Motorizes LEGO Titanic (10294) Pistons, Screws

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Quite a lot of recently-released LEGO sets could be considered newsmakers, each and every one. But the set that really holds that distinction would have to be the LEGO Titanic (10294). A scale model of one largest early-20th Century ocean liner still translates into one of the biggest LEGO sets. Such is the size of this brick-built Titanic that it could be divided into sections to show off the interior. The insides feature moving parts, from the steam engines to the outside propellers they drive. At first glance the 10294 interior looks too cramped to insert motor functions. But a Reddit user refutes that perception.

Featured on r/lego over in Reddit, user bertr0id showcased a video of his motorization of the LEGO Titanic (10294). Looking at the model’s insides, with the ultra-micro-scale inner decks, it doesn’t seem feasible to put a motor in. One might have to remove some of the 9,090 set pieces to make room. Somehow bertr0id found a way, leaving only the motor battery outside with wires leading in. The motorization makes the steam pistons pump and the rear screw-props spin. However the first setup had the screws rotating in the same direction (they don’t in actual ships). The second attempt, uploaded over the weekend, corrects this.

The LEGO Titanic set (10294) has been a mind-blowingly beautiful and expensive new addition to collector’s wish-lists. The tiny details and the engine-propeller articulation gained much praise from builders. It may never have been meant to be motorized, but the efforts of bertr0id deserve recognition. Interestingly, his Reddit post got removed by moderators. You can still check it there.

ADDENDUM: Thanks to the creator himself, Bert “bertr0id” de Jong, for stating the correct action of the Titanic screw propellers.

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  1. Small correction: I had all the screws rotating in the same direction at first. Another Reddit member pointed out that the port side screw actually rotated in the opposite direction to the other two on the real Titanic. He sent a link to show that. I made the mechanic adjustment to fix this. :-). Regards, bertroid

    1. Thank you very much for the correction. And now that you mentioned it, I checked the movie and the props did move as your source said. I’m very grateful.

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