Dubai Toyota Dealership Showcases 1:1 Scale-Build LEGO Land Cruiser 300

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LEGO and cars make a perfect combination, and it has been since the brand’s early days. The evolution of LEGO bricks and pieces led to many automobile sets over the years of varying complexity. Even actual car brands know the power of promotional partnership with LEGO. Car enthusiasts must have been just as excited as LEGO collectors were to see the 1:1 scale Bugatti Chiron. That reconstruction may have made news due to being fully-mobile, but other parties have been building life-sized LEGO cars. So, in a topic we haven’t covered in some time, consider this to-scale LEGO car MOC from the Middle East.

Car and Driver tells us that the MOC build was commissioned by a Toyota dealership in Dubai, UAE. The subject: the 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser 300. Luckily for Al-Futtaim Toyota, they were able to contact a locally-based certified LEGO builder to work on this masterpiece. Said certified builder led a 12-member team to work on this life-sized brick-built Land Cruiser. It took them 2,688 total work-hours to complete the sculpture using 440,000 LEGO bricks. But what beauty the result was! The LEGO Land Cruiser 300 copies the actual SUV’s dimensions perfectly. Its combined brick-weight of 4,500lbs/2,050kg even comes close to the original’s over 5,700 lbs.

This LEGO Toyota Land Cruiser will be on display next to the real thing at Al-Futtaim’s showroom inside Dubai Mall. Emirati shoppers and tourists can drop in to check it out up until December 15. One might just imagine an official scaled-down LEGO set (Technic/Speed Champions?) just looking at it. Interestingly, the real Land Cruiser 300 is not going to be available in the US. Only the luxury-edition 2021 Toyota Lexus LX is coming over.

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