LEGO City Rumor: Rocket Launch Pad Set for 2022

60228 box1 v39

LEGO and space exploration have long been a classic theme combination. From the basic rocket-ship builds with Benny spacemen, space-themed LEGO sets have gone bigger and better. Some of these sets have been seen in LEGO City as late as 2019. LEGO also teamed up with NASA for some awesome joint projects. Toy-wise we got the Space Shuttle Discovery (10283). Elsewhere, LEGO Education created the “Build to Launch” STEM exploration series. In October came rumors that the “Build to Launch” minifigure characters might appear in new space-theme LEGO City sets. New speculation now reinforces the possibility of a LEGO City space set coming next year.

We’ve started keeping an eye out on Instagram’s brick_clicker for possible upcoming LEGO set leaks. This new one doesn’t disappoint. Apparently LEGO City will get a Rocket Launch Pad set, numbered 60351. The only other information regarding this rumored set includes price ($169.99) and possible launch (punny) window (March 2022). Oh yeah, and apparently this will be a retailer exclusive. We have no idea yet if any included minifigs might depict the “Build to Launch” crew. Judging from pricing though, Rocket Launch Pad (60351) is bigger than 2019’s Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control (60228).

LEGO feels overdue in following up from the 2019 LEGO City space sets, but better late than never. We still await the possibility that the “Build to Launch” characters will migrate from their LEGO Education series. But for now, the above news involves a leak/rumor. Best to take it with a grain of salt. LEGO ought to confirm or debunk this speculation sooner or later.

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