UK LEGO Technic Magazine Releases with the LEGO Technic Helicopter (30465) Polybag

LEGO Technic Helicopter

You probably remember from years past when we occasionally covered issue releases of LEGO publications. It’s been a good long while now. The scarcity perhaps lies in the fact that many LEGO magazines are published in the UK. Furthermore, their content tends to be more advertising than feature stories and such. The exposure they did get with us might be due to some extra stuff they were packing inside their foil wraps. Recently, a one-off UK-published LEGO mag has hit shelves, and it comes with the new LEGO Technic Helicopter (30465) polybag. This latest offering may well be the smallest LEGO Technic set ever packaged.

LEGO Technic Helicopter

Brickset tells us that British publishing house Immediate Media has put out a LEGO Technic magazine. This issue appears to be just one for the Technic theme, part of their “LEGO Giant Series” mag line. The real attention-grabber is its cover-mounted polybag, hailed to be the first Technic polybag since the last one from 2000. That’s two decades. The Technic Helicopter (30465) hearkens back to the theme’s small releases in the late 1990s. This little guy comes in just 70 pieces. That may well be one of the tiniest official Technic builds in the line.

In terms of magazine content, this LEGO Technic publication features a Technic “major events” timeline. Four LEGO designers for the theme are also profiled on its pages. All those and a Technic polybag should be worth the £4.99 issue price. The mag is available in UK newsstands and shopping centers.

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