UCS AT-AT (75313) Sold Out Just as Designer Vid Premieres

LEGO Star Wars promo video

This past weekend saw the release of the newest entry to the LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series. Standing over 2 feet high and nearly a foot wide, the UCS AT-AT Walker (75313) never fails to impress. The fact that it got launched on Black Friday 2021 just made the hype to get it more overpowering. And being a major LEGO set release, it stands to reason that it’ll get a designer video real soon. Said video premiered on LEGO’s YouTube channel over the weekend. It makes for fascinating viewing for many LEGO Star Wars collectors. That is given the UCS AT-AT (75313) sold out.

Indeed, the news is true according to The Brick Fan. To the determined and grown-up LEGO collector, $799.99 (US) is mere pocket change. LEGO.com US burned through their UCS AT-AT (75313) stock so fast, they don’t expect availability until after the Holidays. So for now, fans may as well watch LEGO designer Henrik Andersen talk about the set’s journey. One can try checking for the new UCS on branded LEGO Stores and maybe LEGOLAND Discovery Centers. At least European LEGO.com in France, Germany and the UK still has them. But nobody knows for how long.

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