“Magic Bookends” Gains 10-K Support for LEGO Ideas Third 2021 Review Stage

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And now, let’s take a look at this new product idea on LEGO Ideas to gain 10-K support. It may be the last one to do so until around early January of the New Year. Why? We’ll get to that later. Anyway, this 10-K submission adds a new entry for the Ideas Third 2021 Review Stage carrying over to 2022. It also goes into a niche theme in a product ideas batch that’s dominated by building/structural sets. Even better, this product idea has a utilitarian function beyond looking like a beautiful brick construct. Here are the “Magic Bookends.”

ideas magibookends 1

At first glance this looks like a bunch of books made out of LEGO bricks. It might even draw comparisons to some play-sets that open from and close into book form. That must certainly be what its creator, Ideas 10-K Club member Brick Dangerous, wants you to perceive, but no. You actually take the build apart at the middle to put in some real books. The two halves keep them upright as bookends should. These Magic Bookends even include minifigures, elves that apparently turned the brick-built books into their houses. This is definitely a solid example of LEGO balancing art and function.

ideas magibookends 2

Still wondering why this LEGO Ideas submission may be the last for 2021? Well, the Ideas website currently has a popup notification regarding submission of product ideas. If these happen between Friday, December 17 and January 3, 2022 (a Monday), then they’ll run into “high moderation times.” The Ideas staff will be taking a Holiday break after all. They might not be able to vet new submissions and confirm 10-K support passers. That means some product ideas might just wait.

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