New LEGO UCS AT-AT (75313) Video (For Help Disassembling the Technic Parts)


The LEGO star wars UCS T-AT (75313) was easily one of the biggest LEGO sets ever released. Just as huge was the promotional hype for it, from the shout-out-laden teaser to its official designer video. Designing a buildable vehicular set with just enough proper scale for minifigures takes lots of technical skills. Thus when it comes to a complex set like a UCS Imperial Walker, some problems might come up while building. Lots of LEGO builders online have been pointing out apparent design flaws for 75313. In response, LEGO released a new video addressing them, according to The Brick Fan.

LEGO Star Wars designer Henrik Andersen hosts this “Tips and Tricks” video for the UCS AT-AT set (75313). Top priority among the “problem fixes” addressed here concerns the Technic-piece components. Once put together, they’re hard to take apart or so the most common complaints say. Andersen presents some surprisingly sensible methods of getting those stubborn Technic rods out during disassembly. Building and rebuilding is part of the LEGO fun after all. The one-minute, thirty-second video also tacks in some “Star Wars” tech media trivia translated into 75313. Seeing that AT-AT leg motion replicated in brick-built form was quite the sight.

Anyway, the above video is definitely welcome news for early buyers of the UCS AT-AT (75313). For those who haven’t bought it yet, they’ll have a somewhat easier time now. Unlike the out-of-stock chaos of its Black Friday launch last month, the LEGO set remains available on right now.

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