German LEGO Catalog 2022 Technic Sets Revealed, Plus Addition from Hungarian Edition

technic 42136 scan banner

There have been so many new upcoming LEGO sets revealed in the German product catalog from last week. Said catalog, first shared online by German LEGO news source Stonewars, featured the 2022 offerings from various theme lines. We featured “Harry Potter,” LEGO City and Ninjago sets from there, and that was just a portion.  Upcoming products for LEGO Technic were included too. Now, as the LEGO catalog becomes available elsewhere in Europe, even more reveals have popped up. The edition of that catalog for Hungary for example, puts another LEGO Technic set in the spotlight.

Still from Stonewars, we have word of the LEGO Technic John Deere 9620R 4WD Tractor (42136). As stated earlier, word of this set (banner image) came from the Hungarian version of that European-release LEGO catalog. Apparently it shares the same March 2022 release as the other recently-revealed Technic sets. Not much else is known about the set. Apparently however, its steering wheel piece is in tan, a color it never had before. It also fits right in design-wise with the rest of the early 2022 LEGO Technic product launches. We’ll do a late enumeration of these other ones from the German catalog last week below:

2-in-1 Tele-Handler (42133)


technic 42133 scan

All-Terrain Vehicle (42139)


technic 42139 scan

App-Controlled Transformation Car (42140)


technic 42140 scan

All $ prices are our direct conversions.

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