Clearer Images of LEGO Seasonal Year of the Tiger (40491) Coming 2022

40491 1

We at The Brick Show are always appreciative of our various sources for LEGO news and info. And when new resources on all things LEGO appear, all better for variety. For example, earlier this month we found images of 2022 LEGO polybags from, a recently-launched German price comparison site. Earlier still, as November 2021 ended we got official word from LEGO for their next Chinese Zodiac seasonal set. However, being a toy-safety declaration, that document sported only a grainy image of Year of the Tiger (40491). Thanks to brickdex, we have clearer official images.

40491 3

So here we have it, the LEGO seasonal Chinese Zodiac set for Year of the Tiger (40491) in 2022. Also revealed is the number of pieces absent from the box: 193. Beyond that tidbit and the pictures, we still know little about the set especially in terms of the GWP price threshold. Much like its predecessors, this LEGO zodiac tiger may well be a gift with purchase. Previous sets had an average $80/85 and above minimum total LEGO purchase to acquire. A popular theory from The Brick Fan proposes that for Year of the Tiger, the GWP threshold would be $88. In Chinese culture, the number 8 is lucky; double the 8, double the luck.

40491 2

That is just some speculation, but everything else about LEGO Year of the Tiger (40491) mentioned above is real. We can expect this set to be slotted into the upcoming January 2022 LEGO Store Calendar. Just keep watching this space.

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