LEGO Ideas Sonic the Hedgehog (21331) Listed on Mexican Online Retailer

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Among LEGO sets, those of the LEGO Ideas line aren’t what one might term as “regular releases.” New Ideas sets depend on product ideas that gained fan support and impressed reviewers. And even then some time might pass between set announcement and actual launch date. But we digress. We may recall how back in February, LEGO Ideas chose “Sonic Mania: Green Hill Zone” to become a set. Back in September we caught scattered info on its product details: set number 21331 and an early 2022 release. Now, courtesy of German LEGO news source Promobricks, we have box art images too.

Said images were discovered by Promobricks on Mexican online market platform Mercado Libre. Behold LEGO Ideas #39, Sonic the Hedgehog (21331). Despite being dropped from the name, this is still clearly Sonic’s Green Hill Zone, originated by Viv “toastergrl” Granell. The set depicts an iconic stretch of the original “Sonic the Hedgehog” videogame’s first area. We have a grassy course spanning a short bridge, stage checkpoint and one loop. Sonic must navigate this course while collecting his power rings and TV-monitor power-ups. Standing in his way are crab- and beetle-type Badniks, with their master Doctor “Eggman” Robotnik. It looks like a LEGO Super Mario set but given a “Sonic” makeover.

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The Mercado Libre retail listing prices LEGO Ideas Sonic the Hedgehog (21331) at about 2,699 Mexican pesos. That’s a bit pricier than the rumored European pricing months ago, of around €69.99 (the above converts to €115). The release window apparently remains the same, early 2022. If this set goes the way of Ideas #03 Minecraft, LEGO could create a new line to complement LEGO Super Mario. Gamer collectors can dream.

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