LEGO CMF Series 22 (71032) Now Listed for January 1

71032 alt1

Way back in October, we got wind of one of the earliest 2022 LEGO set rumors in CMF form. This was the LEGO Collectible Minifigure Series 22, numbered 71032. This CMF batch follows a LEGO Marvel Series (71031) and consists of LEGO-original minifig characters. We at The Brick Show got our first details on this LEGO CMF series from Germany’s Promobricks. Understandably, some of the names they gave for the included characters got translated differently from the official English designations. Thankfully, CMF Series 22 (71032) is now officially listed on so we know their names. Let’s go over them, with accompanying pictures and all, thanks to The Brick Fan:

  • Moon warrior Night Protector

71032 alt5

  • Girl in raccoon costume Raccoon Costume Fan

71032 alt10

  • Forest spirit Forest Elf

71032 alt4

  • Man with racing wheelchair Wheelchair Racer

71032 alt12

  • Insect alien Space Creature

71032 alt3

  • Woman in chili costume Chili Costume Fan

71032 alt11

  • Snow warrior Snow Guardian

71032 alt6

  • Figure skater Figure Skating Champion

71032 alt13

  • Robot Robot Repair Tech

71032 alt2

  • Girl with foal Horse and Groom

71032 alt8 1

  • Bard Troubadour

71032 alt7

  • Researcher Birdwatcher

71032 alt9

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 22 (71032) launches on January 1 (as usual), at $4.99 per polybag. A full 71032 box might also contain 36 minifigs, as is the usual amount.

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