New LEGO Ideas 10-K-Supported Submission: “Stargate” by CaptainMutant

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LEGO Ideas is an idea platform for proposing sets featuring franchises that are not yet LEGO-licensed IPs. And sometimes, you can judge from Ideas how much the LEGO fandom, or at least the Ideas membership, want something. Check the date of submission for a product idea. Now take note of the date when it received 10,000 supporters. The shorter the gap (for a licensed IP submission), the greater the fan demand especially if LEGO hasn’t already. If this latest addition to the Third 2021 Review Stage is any indication, builder fans want LEGO Stargate.

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The “Stargate” franchise began in 1994 with an MGM sci-fi action film. It spun off into a 1997 MGM Television series that aired on Showtime, then Sci-Fi/SyFy a full decade. Top-secret military adventures using an ancient “Stargate” portal, connecting worlds across the galaxy, proved a hit with audiences. LEGO Ides member CaptainMutant, channels that hype into a brick-built love letter to the franchise.

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This product idea depicts the Stargate device on its mounting within USAF Stargate Command in the Cheyenne Mountain complex. Given that the “Stargate SG-1” series will turn 25 years old in 2022, getting 10-K support for this build makes for perfect timing.

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In addition to the Stargate itself and the entry ramp, CaptainMutant’s product idea includes a buildable vehicle and minifigures. We have Col. Jack O’Neill, Capt. Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and rebel Jaffa Teal’c. They’re joined by Daniel’s pet cat Schrodinger and the MAL probe. The latter was added to the submission by CaptainMutant to celebrate 5-K support. And let’s not forget the Go’auld Jaffa invaders at back.

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Additional props include tools for each Stargate operative and a Naquadah generator. Looking at this build, one can’t help but express support for a LEGO Stargate theme. This could be the beginning.

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