New Upcoming “Spider-Man: No Way Home” LEGO Polybag: Spider-Man Bridge Battle (30443)

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So, by now the latest MCU film “Spider-Man: No Way Home” has been in cinemas since Friday last week. You’ll get no spoilers here, this being a LEGO news site after all. What we can share however is news relating to the MCU in terms of merchandise. We’re talking of course about the LEGO tie-ins. Yes, the set tie-ins have been around since seemingly forever by now, with listing them back in July. Still, with the actual movie’s premiere, there must be something new appearing in its wake. We know because Brickset reports that there is one new item.

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It’s only a polybag, and despite being branded “Spider-Man: No Way Home” it actually references the preceding film. Spider-Man: Bridge Battle (30443) depicts Peter Parker/Spidey taking on a Stark Industries drone hi-jacked by Quentin Beck/Mysterio. It’s only the Web-head and the drone, with Spider-Man using the nameplate of London’s Tower Bridge as a shield. He’ll need it too, as the Stark drone packs a pair of stud-shooters and isn’t afraid to use them. Thus far, the polybag’s existence comes only from the Building Instructions page. Much like the other LEGO polybags revealed earlier, we know nothing else save that they’ll arrive in 2022.

Please do however enjoy the images of LEGO Spider-Man: Far from Home, Spider-Man Bridge Battle (30443). They’re courtesy of Promobricks, which has been helping out greatly with these 2022 polybag reveals. Now we can’t help wonder if more LEGO Spider-Man goodies will come by, even with all the big sets around.

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