New Duplo “Bath Time Fun” Sets Now Available

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Giving very young children a bath can be one of the most challenging family tasks. Reasons may range from a youngster’s dislike of bathing, period, to their being unable to sit still while being washed. A long-effective means to make young-age bathing enjoyable has been the use of toys. Floating rubber duckies have been longtime all-ages bathtub companions for that reason. Not all toys can be used like so. LEGO bricks certainly won’t work; smaller pieces could easily disappear underwater. What about LEGO’s big little brother, Duplo? Judging from these newly-available sets, they could work.

According to Brick Fanatics, three bathing-themed Duplo sets are now available via online. All of them center on cute Duplo-brick animals that combine with flotation devices shaped like swim rings. These early-age builds are so buoyant that, as seen in the box art, they’ll keep afloat even when poured on. We’ve got an adorable variety of Duplo critters that kiddie builders can choose from. Each set comes with a tiny plastic bucket for them to load water to splash on their floating buddies. The price ranges are pretty chill too, depending on how many floating Duplo-animals you want for your child. Let’s see them:

LEGO Duplo: Bath Time Fun
Floating Red Panda (10964)

5 pieces | $9.99

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  • Developmental bath time fun – LEGO® DUPLO® My First Bath Time Fun: Floating Red Panda (10964) provides playful learning opportunities, bath after bath
  • Easy-to-clean bath toy – The playset includes a red panda, bucket and a floating ring that opens up for easy cleaning
  • Build skills in the bathtub – Toddlers put 2 bricks together to make the panda, then place it in the floating ring for endless play opportunities

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Floating Animal Train (10965)

14 pieces | $19.99

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  • Buildable animals – The playset includes a hippo, duck and polar bear, a bucket, rain cloud and 3 floating rings that open up for quick and easy cleaning
  • Developmental fun – Toddlers put 2 bricks together to build each animal, then place them in the floating rings. The toddler-friendly rings connect, disconnect and bubble as they move through the water

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Floating Animal Island (10966)

20 pieces | $39.99

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  • Multipurpose bath toy – LEGO® DUPLO® My First Bath Time Fun: Floating Animal Island (10966) is a versatile, easy-to-clean playset featuring an island that doubles as a storage container
  • Build, play and learn – The playset includes a fish, octopus, lion and flamingo. A floating island splits into 2 separate floating sections, with the bottom half also allowing play outside the bath
  • Imaginative play – Toddlers put together the easy-build animals then have developmental fun on and around the floating island paradise

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