“Brickcraft”: Cool Resource Pack Gives “Minecraft” Blocks a LEGO-Brick Makeover

Minecraft Brickcraft resource pack mod

Back in 2012, LEGO Ideas (Cuusoo back then) released their third set, based on surprise videogame hit “Minecraft.” This would lead to a full-on LEGO licensed-IP theme line that still gets new sets to this year. That much was expected considering the source franchise. Since its official release in 2011 (classic version 2009), “Minecraft” has built a solid player base. The fact that it went multiple platforms helped a lot too. And the simple yet robust construction mechanics made it a perfect fit with the LEGO system when translated to sets. But what do you think of the LEGO aesthetics getting translated into the games?

Brickcraft | Turn your world into Bricks in Minecraft! from lego

Now this is an unofficial thing, being a game mod and all. But as Game Rant tells it, a “Minecraft” player is working on a resource pack called “Brickcraft.” This mod transforms the blocks that all materials in the “Minecraft” world look like, into 4×4 LEGO bricks. For all intents and purposes, it makes the game world akin to a brick-built environment. The user AlexTestria has been working on this mod for five months already. He uploaded a sample video of the newest revisions in action on TikTok then shared the preview on LEGO subreddit.

From what we can see in the sample footage, “Brickcraft” appears like Mojang and WB-Interactive’s TT Games have teamed up. Seeing the “Minecraft” blocks as LEGO bricks (above and below) is mind-blowing, and a testament to AlexTestria’s team’s efforts. Interested players may download the “Brickcraft” resource pack on the creator’s Patreon page. The mod’s latest version 1.3 (low-quality) is available for free. But for a $2.56/€2 Patreon donation, he’ll provide the higher-quality editions. Apparently this pack is for PC version.

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