LEGO Presents Timeline Poster for LEGO Friends 10th Anniversary in 2022

Friends 10Y Timeline banner

If one needs any indicator that LEGO is for girls too, look no further than the “Friends” themed line. Introducing a slice-of-life theme featuring a circle of diverse female friends was a marketing masterstroke for the global toy giant. Collectors fell in love with the whimsical sets featuring more detailed and expressive “minidoll” figures representing actual characters. And like its male-oriented fellow theme “Ninjago,” LEGO Friends got a companion animated series of its own. Despite some controversy, the line has done LEGO well since debuting in 2012. That also means that this 2022, LEGO Friends is celebrating its first decade.

Friends 10Y Timeline page 0001

Brick Fanatics reports that as part of the 10th Anniversary celebration of LEGO Friends, LEGO gives fans a promotional timeline. “10 Years of Friendship” chronicles the journey of the Friends theme, covering every year since 2012. It can be downloaded in PDF form from the “About” section of the Friends theme page. For dedicated collectors however, they might observe some timeline details that don’t quite match up. The information claims that 2012 was about developing/introducing the theme, with the first LEGO Friends sets arriving 2013. In actuality the line did release its first wave in 2012. Still, “10 Years of Friendship” makes for a nice digest of events in LEGO Friends history, noting the subthemes and prominent set launches.

Quite the number of new LEGO Friends products joined the New Year’s launch storm. Here’s a quick rundown of these:

Pet Clinic (41695) – $19.99

Turtle Protection Vehicle (41697) – $9.99

Beach Glamping (41700) – $39.99

Street Food Market (41701) –$49.99

Canal Houseboat (41702) – $79.99

Friendship Tree House (41703) – Anniversary set; $79.99

Main Street Building (41704) – $149.99

Tree-Planting Vehicle (41707) – $29.99

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