“Garden and Greenhouse,” “It’s A Wonderful LEGO Life” Last 10-K Entries for Ideas Third 2021 Review Stage

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It was only a matter of time before LEGO Ideas closed their Third 2021 Review Stage. After all, the period actually overlapped into the start of 2022. In any case this review stage indeed came to an end over the weekend. Of course, some last few product ideas managed to gain the necessary 10,000 supporters to join the batch. As expected, we have more building/structural submissions trying to run the Review gauntlet to official set-hood. One is a sprawling set to complement the LEGO Botanical line. Another is a product idea we recommended for support last year, and got it.

The Garden and Greenhouse

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First, let’s look at The Garden and Greenhouse by 10K Club member kris_kelvin. The product name itself is a giveaway of what to expect. But even those expectations would be shattered at what the creator came up with. We get a sprawling complex, to scale with minifigures, half covered with gardens and the other dominated by said greenhouse.

ideas gardengreenhouse 2

LEGO plant pieces dot the set providing plastic flowers and vegetables. Creator kris_kelvin sees The Garden and Greenhouse as a complementary structure to LEGO City neighborhoods. Nothing says a LEGO community supports “local food” like a garden/greenhouse providing fresh veggies within reach.

ideas gardengreenhouse 3

It’s a Wonderful LEGO Life

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Another 10-K product idea that got into the Third 2021 Review Stage is, as we said, one we featured. Last November, “It’s a Wonderful LEGO Life” by Jason and Jane Middaughs saw some press attention. Now, it’s got full support. This brick-built set depicts iconic Holiday film “It’s a Wonderful Life” starring James Stewart. The Middaughs (twrt0es on LEGO Ideas) created the submission to celebrate the movie’s 75th anniversary back in 2021. Even if it passes review later on, the set’s a bit delayed. But it’s better late than never.

In Closing

Keep following us here on The Brick Show for a wrap-up of LEGO Ideas’ Third 2021 Review Stage. Or perhaps we’ll feature the first 10-K submission for the First 2022 Stage, whichever comes first.

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