LEGO Ideas: bulldoozer’s “Gremlins” Gets 10-K Support

Amblin Entertainment brought us some memorable film characters brought to life by puppetry. Aside from E.T. himself, they also gave us Gizmo the Mogwai and his antagonistic accidental offspring, “Gremlins.” The original 1984 film was a dream-team collaboration featuring pre-“Harry Potter” Chris Columbus, Joe Dante and Steven Spielberg himself. The 1990 sequel even featured a Gremlin made out of LEGOs. Since then, LEGO and “Gremlins” have occasionally teamed up. Look no further than “The LEGO Batman Movie” and the now-defunct “LEGO Dimensions.” But a new more-lasting tie-in could be in store. First, this 10-K submission from a 10-K member must pass muster in LEGO Ideas.

Celebrated Ideas member Ivan “bulldoozer” Guerrero needs no extensive introduction. His master building skills gave us LEGO Ideas #32, 123 Sesame Street (21324). His creations tend to get 10-K support or win in Ideas contests. Now, his latest fully-supported product idea brings the world of “Gremlins” to brick-built life. This set depicts the home of the Peltzer Family, whose son Billy becomes Gizmo’s one-time owner.

The house features four rooms: living room, kitchen, Billy’s bedroom and the workshop of his dad Randall. Snow and Holiday decorations abound, a reminder that “Gremlins” is a Christmas movie.

In terms of minifigures, bulldoozer gives us six. Billy Peltzer is joined by girlfriend Kate, Gizmo’s keeper Mr. Wing, Gizmo himself, and three gremlins born from him.

These three are led by Stripe, so-called for his white tuft of hair. Billy’s other friend Pete also joins in, as a microfigure dressed in a Christmas tree costume. A wide variety of included props make references to not just the 1984 original, but its 1990 sequel. This is yet another license-IP contender for the LEGO Ideas Third 2021 Review Stage, which carries over to this early 2022.

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