LEGO Unleashes “Spooky” Trailer for Super Mario “Luigi’s Mansion” Sets Released January 1

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Way back in November of last year, we learned of the next step in LEGO Super Mario sets. The red-and-blue plumber’s handed the spotlight over to his green-and-blue brother, with sets based on the GameCube title “Luigi’s Mansion.” These three LEGO sets launched with so many others on the first day of the New Year, 2022. Let’s just say the “Luigi’s Mansion” tie-ins are starkly different from their Mario-centric predecessors. Aside from focusing on Luigi, the sets are also spookily themed. True, the original 2001 game on the Nintendo GameCube went rather gothic. And LEGO has some fun reminding fans.

Brick Fanatics has it that LEGO released a launch video for the recently-launched LEGO Super Mario “Luigi’s Mansion” sets. A lemony voiceover narrator provides the tone as the scene plays out of a family enjoying said play-sets. Like other LEGO Super Mario sets, these new ones can be combined to make an expanded play area. Our brick-built Luigi can be powered up by the Lab and Poltergust Expansion Set (71397), giving him his ghost-sucking vacuum cleaner. From there, he must navigate two key areas of “his” mansion. Those would be the Entryway (71399) and Haunt and Seek (71401) Expansion sets.

Hearing LEGO Luigi’s adorably scared voice lines while interacting with these new sets just never gets old. And it goes double if you’ve played “Luigi’s Mansion” on the GameCube years ago. Of course, Nintendo developed sequels for the game on the 3DS and Switch. LEGO willing, we’ll get more “Mansion” expansion sets covering these games too. In the meantime, collectors can get these three January-1st releases now, and relive their mansion-exploring, ghost-vacuuming days of old.

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