Functioning Kit-Cat Klock Wins 10-K Support on LEGO Ideas

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In 1932, the Oregon Allied Manufacturing Company produced a wall clock that became a symbol of art deco home furnishings. It was a novelty redesign of the classic pendulum clock. Make the clock look like a cat with the pendulum as its tail. Then, rig a mechanism so that the cat’s “eyes” move in sync with the “tail.” This clock remained in production even as the manufacturer since moved to California. But only in 1982 did the clock face display its trademark name: Kit-Cat Klock. Nothing like a novelty clock to be converted to a 10K-supported LEGO Ideas product idea.

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10K Club Member Mukkinn presents to us his Kit-Cat Klock LEGO-brick build for Ideas Review. The timing can’t be more auspicious considering 2022 marks the retro appliance’s 90th anniversary. Sure, LEGO has more than enough mechanical elements to replicate a wagging tail-pendulum and swinging eyes. But where’s the fun in that? Why not use LEGO pieces to build a fully-functioning clock that tells time, in addition to the cat motions? Mukkinn uses 15 gears powered by motor to drive the hands on the face plus the eyes and pendulum. Add the stylish black-cat clock casing (with trademark) and the parts total runs up to 1,300.

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If you were waiting for a truly mind-blowing new 10-K supported set on LEGO Ideas First 2022, here it is. Kit-Cat Klock makes the first motorized entry for this batch of submissions aspiring for official set-hood. Future entries to the First 2022 Review Stage will really need to kick things up a notch with builds like these finally making appearances.

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