LEGO Star Wars Defense of Hoth (40557), GWP Vintage Taxi (40532) All Available

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Last week, some LEGO Star Wars stuff that got held back from the January 1 release blitz finally became available. One of them, Clone Trooper Command Station (40558), complements the massive UCS AT-AT (75313) from last year. That vehicle build has a massive passenger section to carry multiple Imperial Stormtroopers for a Battle of Hoth scene. Of course, that key event from “The Empire Strikes Back” wouldn’t be complete without Rebel Alliance combatants. Thankfully, as The Brick Fan reports, the Rebel counterpart of the above set, Defense of Hoth (40557), officially launched this past Wednesday.

In a heroic mirror to Clone Trooper Command Station, Defense of Hoth also features three Rebel troopers. Like the Stormtroopers from 40558 with their command station, the Rebels from 40557 are augmented with heavy-weapon emplacements. Both sets are also priced at $14.99 for proper symmetry. Collect both to play out the heroic but doomed defense of Echo Base from the Original Trilogy, or change things around. It’s up to you.

On a more recent note, the gift with purchase for LEGO Creator Expert Boutique Hotel (10297) is active. That would be the Vintage Taxi (40532) set we showcased earlier this week. As Brickset reminds us, this GWP goes for LEGO purchases over $200 from Friday, January 28 to February 13. This is a LEGO-fied depiction of the 1930s Citroen Traction Avant, which goes nicely with Boutique Hotel’s retro styling. Collectors who’ve already purchased Boutique Hotel (10297) might be bummed at the late arrival of Vintage Taxi (405320). Still, surely there are other new LEGO sets that might be enough to get you the needed threshold.

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  1. You are aware that clones are from the prequels and not related to the AT AT correct. The snowtrooper battle pack goes with the AT AT along with the new AT ST

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