Another LEGO Ideas 10-K Submission: “Sheriff’s Office” by Lucky

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Building sets remain king among the 10-K-supported submissions for LEGO Ideas Third 2021 Review Stage. Original or licensed-IP, their combined numbers simply outstrip every other product idea genre in this grouping. Judging from the quality of what we’ve been seeing however, we may not want it any other way. It does make choosing one to favor (outside the judging) difficult though. They’re all so awesome. And this new submission from Ideas member llucky muddles the “sure” fan favorites even further. It may be another original without a licensed IP basis. But who can say no to this level of detail?

ideas llucky sheriff 1

Sheriff’s Office – Wild West” by llucky is another complex, detail-heavy building set aspiring to pass review in LEGO Ideas. Looking at the images we feature here, we can confidently say this product idea earned its 10,000 supporters. The Sheriff’s Office building is a two-story brick-built structure, familiarly designed in the Old-West architectural aesthetic.

ideas llucky sheriff 2

Serving as both workplace and residence, the sheriff holds office and keeps crooks locked up in the first floor. The second floor contains his meager quarters and a strongbox for money and other valuables. The office also boasts a two-side balcony for observation and necessary defensive purposes.

ideas llucky sheriff 3

The set is populated by six minifigures: sheriff and deputy, two passing cowboys and two hostile bandits. Two minifig horses and a buildable vulture add atmospheric accents to the scene. Variouslarge props from the rainwater barrel to the horse-cart and sheriff’s desk are full of painstaking detail.

ideas llucky sheriff 4

Rest assured, Western aficionado LEGO collectors will have a grand time posing, displaying and playing with this set. For that to happen however, it must prove its worth in the 34-strong Third 2021 Review Stage. It ought to wind down this early 2022.

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